Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mother's Day

I'm backkkkk... well for now! I have 2 weeks of school left, then it's smooth sailin' ! I was taking a break from homework and decided to catch up on my Martha Stewart. I can't believe Mother's Day is right around the counter. I passed this gift idea for all the momma's out there who like to be in the garden.

Tools and MaterialsSterile soil seed-starting mix
Plastic bag with zipper seal
Rubber band
Plant-tag template
Copper plant tags
Double-sided tape
Cork board
Push pins
Herb-garden-instruction template
Card stock
Terra-cotta pot
Herb seed packets
Osmocote plant food
Japanese floral shears
Watering can
Garden stones
Herb Garden Kit How-To1. Place sterile soil seed-starting mix in a sealed plastic bag. Gather burlap around plastic bag and secure with a rubber band. Add a raffia tie around the rubber band.

2. Download, print, and cut the copper
plant-tag template. Place a copper tag on cork board and affix the tag template over it with double-sided tape. Using a push pin, pierce through the marked dots on the template into the copper plant tag.

3. Print the
herb-garden instructions on heavy card stock and cut out.

4. Assemble the herb garden elements in a terra-cotta pot: add herb garden instructions, seed-starting mix, copper plant tags, herb seed packets, osmocote plant food, gloves, shovel, Japanese floral shears, watering can, and garden stones.

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