Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bride & Bridesmaids night

Ever since Carlton & Ashley have been engaged, we have all been eager to celebrate! I am so happy for Carlton to meet such an amazing girl.. & not to mention she is going to be MY cousin. I absolutely think they are perfect for each other and wish them the bestest of luck throughout their entire journey!! All of us bridesmaids (besides Alyssa, since she lives out of state) got together for drinks, wedding details, dinner & more drinks. It was an awesome night! We all sat in Ashley's room waiting on her to get ready (the usual.. haha!) discussing wedding ideas and colors. Allie had the brillant idea to start the night off right and made everyone a drink (I guess great hospitality runs in the bloodstream of ALL Gloe's.. completely awesome!). Her are creations as we all make our first toast together to the beautiful soon-to-be bride!

We decided after two rounds of drinks (mine especially... Becky tried to get me drunk!) that we were going to head to Bahama Breeze, but not without taking pictures of course. This is an important time and we must document everything, especially for the nights we won't remember. Which tends to happen when I get with my girlfriends!

By the way, their black bean soup is absolutely BREATH-TAKING. Bahama Breeze ended with several rounds of drinks & move our festivities to Whiskey River. Considering I haven't drank in MANY weeks due to work & school, I surprisingly was hanging with the Gloe's (not entirely, but I was close enough!). To say the least, it was an awesome night to hang with Ashley, Allie, Becky & get to know Becka Young (Ashley & Allie's childhood best friend) which by the way I'm sure we will get along great! This isn't the first bride & bridesmaids outting... I'll be sure of that. It was too much fun, for just a one time thing.

Again, Congratulations Carlton & Ashley! Thank you for allowing both me and George to be part of this special time :) I am so excited to be there by your sides through everything.

Have a good week everyone!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

I absolutely love the 4th of July! I love cookouts & all of the festivities that go along with America's birthday!! Happy 235th Birthday!! Nothing better than a little red, white & blue celebration. Here are some of my favorites:

Next year, maybe we will throw an All American party! Have a safe weekend :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

All American

It's 4th of July weekend! Me and my husband never really get time to just hang out, especially with me in school. We decided earlier today when we were relaxing on the beach, that would have a chill night. We cooked dinner together and are now enjoying some drinks. On the menu tonight, chicken wings! There is nothing more laid back than eating good ole American food. We made 4 different flavors of chicken wings and are getting caught up on our favorite shows.

Not only were the wings awesome, but it also helped me clean out my refrigerator and get rid of tons of condiments! Nothing better than the feeling of just throwing something away! I hope everyone has a great weekend :)