Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pottery Barn Inspiration

I am obsessed with buying house decor and we don't even have a house yet! We will really pick up the searching when I get out of school in August. So for now, I just buy things and put them away. Some people think I'm crazy... but how awesome is it going to feel moving into a house with ALL NEW stuff. I am so excited! I bought this duvet cover awhile ago from PB and can't wait to put it out. I love the blue's and really like the "soft tone" to it. I know it is hard to buy wall items when you have no idea the floor plan of your house BUT I am buying these. I want these heirloom frames sooooooo bad. I look at them every week. Maybe I'll order them when I get a coupon. I love everything about them, even the ledge they sit on. Ahhh, I seriously have an obsession.

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