Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cheers to Me!

I just finished my first final of the semester. It was Human Disease and Prevention, which was a KILLER class. We have multiple quizzes every week that covered about 5 chapters each. Along with my other 3 classes and working full-time, I am extremely happy to skip by with a 'C'. I do NOT get 'C s' but I have never been happier! Now that I only have 3 classes left of my undergrad... I'm kickin' back and relaxing with not just a glass of wine but the WHOLE BOTTLE (: George brought home some South Africian wine a few months ago. It's called Nederburg (which is awesome by the way!)

I have been keeping the corks of the wine bottles and have the idea of making this.....

They have these at Anthropology at Town Center and I just LOVE them. I guess that will be my next project!

Have a good weekend!!

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